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December 12, 2015
  • Now available for iPhone

    Why we made Connect by Hoom House

    At Hoom House, we have always been committed to providing innovative ways to connect autism families with the resources they need. We are continuing that commitment with the announcement of an exciting new product. 

    We listened to feedback from countless autism families at varying points in their journey. It quickly became apparent that parents were looking for someone to talk to about their experiences, challenges, fears, hopes, and anything autism related. There are communities out there for parents to connect with other parents, but there is no where for parents to turn when they need a professional opinion.

    Traditional therapy solutions are not always the most accessible. You’re limited by insurance coverage, therapist availability, and physical proximity. Parents want to connect with their therapists whenever and however they need to. What if you could call, text, or video conference with an autism expert on your time?

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    Introducing Connect by Hoom House

    That’s why we are creating Connect by Hoom House. Connect is a web and mobile application that let’s you connect with an autism expert in real time. We are building the most impressive network of experts to offer guidance around the clock.

    You don’t need insurance.

    You don’t need a diagnosis.

    You don’t need to make an appointment.

    There are no commitments.

    We are offering early access to a limited amount of people while we build out our network of autism experts. Please share this if you know someone who could benefit from connecting with an expert.

    Now available for iPhone

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